Marijuana causes Health Risks

Marijuana causes Health Risks

Marijuana is a brown, green, or grey mixture of crumbled parts from the Marijuana plant. Although it contains various ingredients that stimulate your brain and quickly change your consciousness level.

After tobacco and alcohol, it is the third most popular abused drug in the world. The use of Marijuana and its cultivation is illegal in the U.S. However, it is a derivative of the Cannabis Sativa plant that contains many active compounds used to relieve serious and chronic symptoms.


Short term and long-term health risks of Marijuana

THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is an active component found in Marijuana founded in cannabis and its products. If someone consumes a potent dose then it goes from the lungs into the bloodstream. After it goes into the lungs it may affect the functioning of brain-like coordination, concentration, memory, and thinking.

Usually, it is rolled and smoked like a cigarette or put in hollowed-out cigars or pipes. Younger adults are now primarily using dry herb vaporizers like the Volcano Hybrid to smoke their marijuana. Its effects may onset within minutes to hours.


Marijuana Short term Effect

It has highly impactable on the nerve cells that control sensory perception and pleasure. People seem to perceive short-term side effects which are temporary but they may prove to be dangerous if driving under the impact of marijuana.

It may cause undesirable side effects like:

  • loss of coordination
  • problems with memory or learning
  • distorted perception
  • trouble thinking and problem solving
  • a decrease in inhibitions
  • an increased appetite
  • feeling lightheaded or drowsy


Long-Term Effects

In research, it has been found that there may be long-term effects and severe health risk varies on how you consume it, and how often you use it. Discussed below:

  1. Respiratory Disease: A mixture of Marijuana comprised of chemicals similar to tobacco smoke that can irritate bronchial passage and lungs. You may experience a burning throat or mouth sensation, chronic cough, and bronchitis.
  2. Effects on Heart: It may severely affect the circulation of heart rates. Inhaling of Marijuana causes expansion of your blood vessels, your heart rates get suddenly spurt that may result in redness of the eyes.
  3. Fertility issues: A study reveals the fact that taking Marijuana causes delayed ovulation in women and decreases sperm count in men. During the pregnancy period, it may affect the developing baby. Although the child might have trouble in problem-solving skills, issues with memory concentration.
  4. Emotional problems: Excessive intake of Marijuana causes some psychological disorders. We more likely notice signs of depression, schizophrenia, and conditions of bipolar disorder are often found symptoms in patients.
  5. Immune System Problems: It may cause a body to hardly resist the body in fighting off infections by weakening a person’s immunity level.

Other problems

  1. Career Problems: As per marijuana law if guilt is found then various serious offenses imposed on a person may end up with criminal records. Then it may hurt their plans for college or finding a job.
  2. Criminal Charges: There are conflicting federal laws against using, growing, or selling marijuana. But it is legal to have small amounts of marijuana in certain criteria like medical use.
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